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5 Simple Hacks to Fill Your Fridge For The Week

October 17, 2019

You wake up in the middle of the night and you are hungry. What’s the first place you look in hopes to find food? Your fridge!

Everyone looks at their fridge with eyes full of hope, hopes that the fridge will kill their hunger. And it’s obvious. But, what if you don’t find anything to eat in your fridge when your hunger strikes with all its force. Or your fridge is so badly organized that you are not able to find anything when you are hungry and sleepy in the middle of the night. 

The fridge is used to store your food items in optimal conditions for a few days. Fruits, vegetables, snacks, beverages or meals, your refrigerator has different compartments to store different items. This keeps your refrigerator looking fresh and neat. Different zones in your refrigerator have different temperatures and serve different purposes. So to enjoy the benefits of a modern refrigerator, you need to know the right place for your food items.

Here’s a list of 5 simple hacks for you to fill your fridge for the week.

Organizing Your Fridge is important

You don’t want to hunt for the food in your fridge when you are hungry. Planning and organizing your fridge properly can really do wonders for you. You will not only be able to find the right food item for you but will also be able to manage the condiments. Organizing your fridge will also let you know about what food items are out of stock and what are in abundance. When you are looking to store your food items for a whole week, it’s important to know the date the food item is expiring. By planning and organizing, you’ll know what is expiring when and you can avoid consuming any stale food items. 

Arranging the food items will also make you clean your fridge every few days. Do it in sections to wipe out all the dirt and strains. Wiping out all the dirt with a paper towel will make your fridge smell good and keep your food inside it healthy for long. You can easily clean your fridge from the inside in 30-40 minutes.

Don’t Buy Everything You See in The Store

You don’t want a garbage bag pilling up by the end of the week. Avoid buying unnecessary items or else you won’t have enough space to store all of those items. And anything left behind that is not stored in the fridge will end up getting spoiled overnight. And you don’t want it, it’s the wastage of food and your money as well. Buy what is necessary and figure it out by planning and making a checklist of food items you need to buy ahead of time.

Use Freezer: Frozen Food is The Key

The freezer can store your food for the longest possible time. It is not only for your ice, but you can also store frozen fruits, vegetables, meat, stocks, and many more food items. You can even store items that you want to use later such as pasta sauce, tortillas, bread, and even eggs. You just need to tightly pack the food items in their containers and you are good to go. And also, don’t forget to organize them well as it will optimize the space inside your freezer, which will let you store more items. This will also give some relaxation to your energy bill.

Beverages – Milk is Not The Only One

Beverages are an important part of your ‘fridge food collection’. You need to store some beverages in your fridge, it will keep you going for the whole week. And when I say beverages, I don’t mean milk only. Milk is important and an essential part of food items inside a fridge, and almost everyone has at least one pack of milk in their fridge. But, why should only milk be there when you have so much space in your fridge to fill and so many other beverage options. Buy a few cans of beer or cold drinks if you want. Chill out and relax. What’s better than sitting on your couch with a chilled beer in one hand, and binge-watching Netflix. Beer is also a cool drink when you have your friends over your place. Chilling out with some beer and snacks will never go out of fashion. I love beer and that’s why talk a lot about it too, can’t help it. But, if you’re not a very big fan of beer or you already have enough (though, there’s never “enough” beer), you can get some fruit drinks too. Get yourself two or three packs of juices if you are health conscious. Also, if you are lazy and don’t want to make cold coffee for yourself, you can even buy and store some ready-to-drink cold coffee packs or cans. If you are not a coffee person, you can go for iced tea too. There are just a lot of beverage options that you can keep in your fridge to drink throughout the week.

Do Not Keep The Sliced Food

Store food items as a whole rather than slicing and keeping them uncooked in the fridge. Chopped or sliced food items like fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, spoils at a much rapid pace than the whole food items. So, do not chop the raw food until you are ready to cook or consume it.

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