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8 Clues Your Dog is Bored

November 8, 2019

Canines are very social. If you’ve got a pooch in your home, you know it already that they love being surrounded by the human. But, I understand, you have some work commitments too.


Staying beside them 24 by seven is not possible for you. But, what it does, it does. Loneliness, fewer activities, and no exercise lead to boredom in canines. Situations get worse if you’ve got an emotional support dog at home.

emotional support dog

An emotional support dog comes in your life to help you fight with psychological conditions. But, if they get bored, they don’t participate in anything; obviously, you’re not an exception. Luckily, dogs are honest, and their actions give complete clues that they’re bored. Let’s read along to know about those signs of dullness. 

Taking Naps Often

Dogs are playful. But, when bored, they sleep for longer. Or whenever they feel like nothing to do, they go to sleep. If they’re sleeping all the time, it’s an indication they’re not feeling active. Lazing more than required can lead to health problems. Sometimes, dogs develop a habit of sleeping only, and even after your calls, they don’t react. It’s a situation where your dog needs a vet visit. Moreover, it’s kind of common to feel bored when alone. 

Behaving Noxiously

Dogs become destructive when they feel bored. They have a lot of energy, and that gets channelized into wrong things. Dogs often go on a chew fest at this time. Whatever they find, they chew. One and the only way to prevent this situation is a daily exercise, which most likely they’re not doing. Mental stimulation is a regular need for dogs when they don’t get it; they only end up behaving lethal. 

Digging All The Time

Remember, the last summer you were all alone and felt bored. What did you do? Either you opened every book to read but didn’t finish or ate. Dogs cannot do these things, so they dig. It seems like they’re playing with the soil, but the reality is different. Try to notice it accurately and identify what’s your furry’s digging behavior is telling you. People take it as their pooches are releasing their overpowering strength, but don’t believe it at all. In ninety percent of the cases, dogs go on digging spree when bored.

Tail Chasing

Reasons may vary, but tail chasing is surely the symptoms of a bored canine. Pent-up energy becomes the reason behind tail tracking. Your dog always needs companionship; creatures like themselves, not helping them out, will be dangerous for you only. Many dogs harm themselves while chasing their own tails. 

Barking at You

Canines bark differently at you when feeling bored. Instead of shutting them out, try to realize that maybe they want to tell you something. Precisely, what if they are saying that play with them. They’re not using the happy expressions, but that doesn’t mean they are okay. Indeed, they’re kids, and when angry, they behave aggressively. They demand your attention more than you. Yeah! Give them some time.

Not Following You

Many times, dogs don’t bark or dig; they simply ignore your instructions. They display the signs of disobedience and try to irritate you. Generally, what sparks boredom? Do you ever think about it? The digestible and straightforward answer is a lack of mental stimulation. If you lack anywhere in grooming your pooch and providing him proper training, be ready for being ignored. Commonly, absolute disobedience is the clue that your dog is not in the right mood. There’s something fishy!

Behave Puppyishly

When kids crave for something, they demand, they cry, they sometimes show hostility as well. Dogs do the same; they behave a lot puppyish. And this might be funny, but yes, they do a lot of mellow drama. They tend to bite your clothes, follow you everywhere, and try to reach and jump on you all the time. Don’t even mistakenly think that they love you in such a condition because they don’t. 

Fighting With Other Co-Companions

As mentioned earlier, dogs love to play in gardens. Also, they like to meet other dogs in nearby parks as they are very social. Despite socializing, when they start often clashing with other co-creatures, think about it. During fights, they danger themselves, and later you have to undergo the losses. You never know who is the harasser in the contest, so beware.


To summarize, If you’re not experiencing a happy pup when around, consulting a vet is essential. Otherwise, above are the clues that boredom has attached your canine badly. And it’s the time to make them happy. So, understand, identify, and kick off the weariness from your pooch’s life.

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