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Cannabis Hotels You Can Stay At Across the World

The roadblocks against cannabis are disintegrating across the world. Developing countries are becoming legal shelters for marijuana users, who are enjoying this freedom like never before. With medical cannabis legalization and decriminalization making an influence across the globe and recreational cannabis making rewards across America, it is just the beginning for the upcoming and the most promising industry, which is and will be cannabis tourism. 

Cannabis tourism is no longer an unconventional industry. Keeping in pace with the changing times, it is a fully evolved trade for travelers and business ventures. Even with the advancement of legalization of marijuana, the ones on vacation have to consume often in a secret or inappropriate place, away from their lodges. 

States and cities are still working on social use regulations and public consumption. So if you are a tourist and you are travelling to a legal city, then you can buy marijuana but you can’t smoke it. And finding a cannabis friendly place or hotel is still a challenge for both international and domestic travellers. 

Do you know Lord Jones is the first marijuana company to set up an official partnership in 2018 with a hotel chain? With the wellness craze for CBD continuing to unwind hotels across America are already offering cannabis infused spa treatments as an additive innovation. 

So are you also planning for a vacation? And you can’t hold your love for cannabis at the time of your vacation? Whether you consume marijuana medically or recreationally, do try these cannabis friendly hotels in your vacation season.  If you have not used cannabis then you can check out delta-8 flower reviews here and try those.

So are you also excited to go on a trip after all the chaos and stress of quarantine? Let us find a cannabis friendly hotel for you then!

How to Book a 420 Friendly Hotel?

Booking your 420 friendly hotel for your marijuana vacation from any travel site or agency is easy. First and foremost decide where and when you are travelling. Then check out the list of marijuana friendly hotels and 420 rental accommodations. However, doing a quick google search of your destination city will give you a handful of Airbnb cannabis friendly listings. 

Meanwhile cannabis-centric listing sites like Bud and Breakfast and The Travel Joint are also providing the database of 420 friendly listings and also demonstrate the experiences especially for marijuana travellers. All you need to do is pick the right one for yourself. 

Then visit the website of that particular hotel to find the details about the destination offers including the local attractions, the description of the hotel, the breakdown of facilities, the room rates and fees and most importantly the in-house rules and regulations. And once your perfect destination is selected and the dates are also confirmed, simply click on book now.

The Cannabis Friendly Hotels

These are some of the 420 friendly hotels or rentals in the world’s most beautiful and high spirited vacation destinations. Find the most convenient and relaxing room in cannabis tolerant establishments from this global guide for your next vacation.

Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows (Santa Monica, Ca)

A custodian of cannabis solutions for the magnificent hospitality industry, Eaze, California’s major cannabis delivery service, in partnership with the Recreational embassy introduced Cannabis Concierge program for the very first time at Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows Santa Monica.

This being the first property for introducing this service, which is extended to adult guests, who have an approach to customized in room menus, that promote non inhaling and low dose cannabis products. The hotel will also manifest CBD products through the recreational embassy, including a custom aroma fig CBD infused bath bomb. 

However Fairmont sustains a strict vaping and anti-smoking policy anywhere on its grounds and in-room. 

Little Bay Cabins (Negril, Jamaica)

Though probably the tropical destination for cannabis smokers, the plant marijuana is still technically illegal in Jamaica. Even then a few resorts claim them officially as 420 friendly. Steer clear of tour managers like Hot Box Jamaica, that runs its own lodge, lead the lax Little Bay Cabins outside of Negril.

You will find the natural slice of the accurate Rasta culture so unusual. Even Bob Marley had his beach house actually on this very shore. This homely resort offers you a tour, which makes you visit the remaining ruins and a swim in its swimming cave. 

Bud And Breakfast (Denver, Colorado)

The 420-friendly hotel that includes lush green gardens, where one can smoke till the time  he gets high enough to go out and enjoy the sites that Denver offers along with the wake and bake breakfast. They even give you a happy hour appetizer every afternoon in the event that you get hungry. 

Camp Heaven and Awesome Tipi (Sherwood, Oregon)

This cannabis friendly camping experience is so eccentrically Oregon in its minimalism, the attention to rustic details and the appreciation of the outdoors. Spark a joint in the comfort of a wood burning campfire while streaming up in the stars and the surroundings. 

Shawn and Lila, the owners of the hotel say that the 420 friendly basket contains rolling papers, flowers, glass and looking upon the guest’s requests, oils, edibles, disposable vapes or cartridges. 

Eagle Creek Cannabis Friendly Ranch Resort (Trinity Center, California)

If you want to experience a mystical mountain run away in Northern California’s Trinity Alps region, then you don’t need to search anywhere other than the exciting Eagle Creek Ranch Resort. Founded by Nicole Lanni and Sam in 2017, the attractive farmhouse offers morning yoga, outdoor smoking, horseback riding, a provided vaporiser, continental breakfast and a special color-dyed sheep walk. Don’t forget to get high for sure before the sheep walk. 

By Angelika

Angelika works in a cannabis industry and works for legalizing medical cannabis in more states. She loves playing with his dog, Coco. She also plays guitar and teach kids whenever he gets time.