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Coffee Tips To Make Your Life Brighter

September 17, 2021
Coffee Tips To Make Your Life Brighter

If you are a fan of coffee, you probably are already aware of and must have already tried the varieties of coffee. From americano to cappuccino, latte, macchiato and even espresso shots. But what if I tell you there are still variations that can make your coffee experience the best and are a must try? Will you be interested in trying it out? Let’s see which one intrigues you the most.

Iced Americano

If you love your coffee black and cold, you need to try this one. Next time, instead of going all black with your coffee, try adding a splash of milk in it. Not only does it taste delicious, it also reduces the acidity of the coffee hence giving you the benefits without the side effects of coffee. You don’t have to add more than 30 ml of milk.

Iced Macchiato

Everyone must have tried starbuck’s famous caramel iced macchiato. But if you are someone who cannot have sweet coffee and the idea of caramel added to your coffee sounds like a nightmare, you don’t have to completely skip on macchiato. Next time, order an iced macchiato with no added sugar and ask them to add 60 ml of unsweetened almond milk instead of regular milk. Not only is it healthy, it’s super delicious and energizing.

Hot Coffee

Okay this one tip is applicable on all the hot coffees that contain milk and it can literally change your coffee game. If you like your coffee super frothy and smooth in texture, ask your barista to add 5 to 10 ml of full fat cream to the milk they are about to froth. Take my advice and try two coffees one with milk and cream frothed together and one with just milk. Youwill feel the difference in the very first sip. Sure it can add a little more to your calorie intake but this little addition is worth everything.

Hot Black Coffee: Lungo

If you like your coffee hot and black and strong, and americano isn’t giving you the strength you desire, you should try lungo. I am not asking you to try long black. Americano and long black are pretty similar, sure it does affect its strength but not as much as switching to lungo. Lungo is basically a long espresso shot. Instead of adding water to espresso shots, you basically allow the coffee espresso machine to brew coffee for longer and rather than stopping at 30 or 60 ml, it fills the glass. The extra brewing of the same coffee grind makes the coffee stronger, bitter and gives you the kick that you were looking for.

Coffee at Night

If you’re someone who likes having coffee at night but can’t take strong coffee as it may affect your sleep and flat white seems, well, flat. If you want your coffee to be frothy but light at the same time, ask your barista to make you a cappuccino with a 20 ml espresso shot. The cappuccino will have the froth and since you are taking just 20ml espresso, it won’t affect your sleep.

However, if your sleep is affected by literally anything and you are anxious about not getting sleepy even after a long day at work, you should try THC gummies. These are really effective and can help you with your sleeping issues.

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The Cannabis And Wine Guide

August 26, 2021
The Cannabis And Wine Guide

The topic of conversation in many countries for a few years now is the legalization of cannabis for medical or recreational use.  And the dialogue exchange around it has become more and more sophisticated. 

Cannabis or Marijuana or whatever you like calling it, has even started becoming an epicure product, just like wine, with which one can pair food to intensify the whole experience. Wine stewards have started looking at wine at wine in a new casual and relaxed way as cannabis lovers are embracing a more serious attitude of getting high. 

And this is why both the groups are working together to surpass the conventionalization rooted in the cultures since decades and also attract a broader audience. Most places where you can’t get cannbis, you can check up best delta-8 as it is supposed to have similar effects.  

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What Is “Sinsemilla”? Why Is It Important in Cannabis Culture?

July 30, 2021
What Is “Sinsemilla”? Why Is It Important in Cannabis Culture?

If you are a regular cannabis user, you may have heard or read about “sinsemilla”. Is it a cannabis strain or a cannabis product? Where does it come from?

Whether you smoke cannabis daily or maybe you are interested in cannabis culture, you may have come across the word “sinsemilla”. Chances are that people might be more confused about this than ever imagined! There is a confusion among people as to what this sinsemilla really means.

Do you know how people in the UK call a good cannabis strain a “skunk”? Similarly, some describe the top-notch cannabis buds of special varieties of cannabis. These cannabis strains are super potent and come from places like Amsterdam.

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