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How Does Medical Marijuana Manage Hormonal Imbalances?

September 23, 2019

Fast life, busy schedule, sedentary lifestyle. All of these constitute the modern day life of thousands of Americans. End result…health troubles, weakened immunity, hormonal imbalances.

Is marijuana legal in California

Nothing feels right and that further affects their overall productivity. But, there is an option of reviving your well-being naturally.

In fact, having valid mmj recommendations can actually be a life changer for you. But, how is that possible? A lot of studies shed light on the biological functions guided by endocannabinoid system. They revealed that endocannabinoid system regulates hormones related to sleep, stress, sexual activity, energy consumption, and others. Therefore, using cannabinoid therapy can be helpful in restoring the lost balance easily. 

How Do Cannabinoids Address The Complexities Of The Hormonal System?

Like endocannabinoids manage the bodily functions in many ways. Similarly, hormones are also involved in a lot of biochemical pathways. So, it is important to maintain their balance or else body will undergo a lot of changes that might affect the functioning in the long run. 

Like a plethora of other functions, cannabinoids are able to activate the receptors of these hormones as well. So, in situations of replenishing hormones, cannabinoids can actually offer help. Precisely why you need to apply for medical marijuana recommendations.

What to Choose- THC or CBD?

Experts and doctors recommend using CBD for any kind of hormonal disorders. First, because CBD has no issues of causing euphoria. And secondly, it has potential therapeutic effects for restoring the balance instantly without any adverse effects. Here is how CBD is helpful in managing different sets of hormonal disorders.

CBD For Regulating Metabolic Hormones

Metabolic hormonal imbalances often result in changing the ideal makeup of the system. Hence, causing insulin imbalances. That further triggers a number of disorders such as obesity, heart disorders or diabetes. CBD stimulates the receptors that impact pancreatic function. Thereby, is helpful in managing insulin production significantly. 

CBD For Regulating Sexual Hormones

Sex hormones are usually managed or regulated by the pituitary gland and simultaneously influenced by hypothalamus. Cannabinoids affect both the areas and trigger the production of the hormone estradiol. Thus, contributing to managing different aspects of menstrual cycle. Along with that it promotes sexual behavior during menopause as well. Other than that, CBD also inhibits GPR55 receptor activity that influence the molecules involved in healing bones or preventing bone loss.  

CBD For Managing Sleep Hormones

Anything or everything that affects your body eventually disturbs your sleep patterns. Especially, psychological disorders and chronic health conditions. And CBD is known to reduce cortisol levels. Therefore, pretty much helpful in managing stress levels. Hence, eventually inducing quality sleep patterns.


CBD is like a health supplement that can help to manage a number of bodily functions. And thereby, helpful in replenishing the perfect balance. Hence, helpful in improving your productivity. Along with positively influencing your personal and professional relationships.  

So, choose medical marijuana as your mood booster as you don’t have to worry ‘Is marijuana legal in California?’  and don’t let stress or other factors hamper your hormonal balance or homeostasis anymore. 

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