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How To Break The Stigma Around Medical Cannabis?

August 4, 2019

Pot, weed, Mary Jane, or dope.

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I am sure whenever you listen to all these terms, a sense of negativity runs through your mind. It’s not something intentional. But, that’s how it’s been like whenever anyone talks about cannabis.

It’s like saying “weed” takes you back to the days of Reefer Madness. A movie where a bunch of high school students going insane over smoking cannabis. 


Cannabis or medical marijuana are terms that act as an image makeover. Thus, a lot of entrepreneurs and medical research companies are trying to revive medical marijuana’s lost image.

Medical Marijuana- There’s More To It Than Just The “High” 

A reason why the new strains have names like “Skywalker” or “Blue Dream” where the emphasis on health and wellness are publicized more than just the “euphoria”.

But, still, the word “recreational” makes it a subject to discrimination among a  lot of people that eventually leads to its down marketing. 

Here are some ways that are actually helping to break down the stigma that often surrounds cannabis.

Engaging Masses Using Different Interactive Mediums 

Do you know about the popular series “The Culture High” and the “13th” on Netflix? Such series enlighten people concerning medical marijuana. 

It’s like using mass media to help people understand what the plant actually does for mankind. You can use mediums like books, TV shows, and movies. Whatever suits your criteria the best. 

Create An Opportunity To Increase Cannabis Empowerment

Medical cannabis is still an illegal entity. But, the industry offers some of the fastest-growing employment markets in America. According to Leafly’s 2019 Cannabis Job Counts, cannabis industry employs more than 200,000 full-time coworkers in the U.S. And people who are indirectly involved hits to more than 250,000. 

It’s like a hidden job platform that can actually cater to the growing unemployment rates in the country. 

Different Ways To Strike A Conversation

Earlier it was like anyone who consumes cannabis was termed as a “stoner”. But, this perspective has somewhat changed after the legalization of cannabis in many states. 

Plus, people are writing a lot of articles and blogs and spreading information and knowledge using different social media platforms and forums to educate millions of people that are thinking of using cannabis as a medical aid. 

So, if anyone disrespects cannabis as a recreational drug, make sure you highlight the following points.

The Association Is Dangerous

As cannabis is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug, it becomes practically impossible to state its advantages. 

The only way to do that is naming it correctly, for starters. After all, it’s a medication that can help millions of patients reducing their symptoms. 

So, associating it with other addictive drugs is like comparing a tiger with a crocodile. 

Don’t Play Double Standards

Last time we checked caffeine and alcohol were addictive and that too with high potency levels than cannabis. 

But, still, they are not named as “recreational whiskey” or “ recreational latte”. So, why is it used for cannabis. It’s like being hypocrite regarding the entire situation. 

It’s High Time That Word Needs To Rest In Peace

Everyone related to recreational drugs and stuff. But, there is more to cannabis other than that. Some smart people are using “adult-use” and “legal-use” to differentiate between the two classes. 

If somebody says names don’t matter. Well, they do. Otherwise, everyone would be referred to as “Michael Jackson”. And it would not have made any difference as well. 

But, it does. Everyone of different in their own ways and names help to identify them easily. It’s like the “first impression”.

In the end, sharing your beliefs will help to take your story to hundreds of patients out there who are confused about medical cannabis. Start using different examples that people relate more often so that they can think of going for a medical marijuana card

Let people know the amazing effects of this plant. It’s all about spreading the right information. If you do that. The stigma will go very easily and pretty soon. 

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