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How to Keep Your House Clean With Pets

Everyone loves a clean house but maintaining that especially when you have a four legged friend can be a task. Sure, it is not impossible but the consistent and constant work it requires can make it a little overwhelming. If you live with a pet, I can already feel your struggle. The struggle to choose your pet over a clean house while simultaneously trying your hand best to maintain at least the basic cleanliness so that your house isn’t unhygienic.

I have been in your shoes and I can proudly say that after adopting a few cleaning and maintaining habits, I have finally managed to have a clean, decently smelling place even with my dogs.

Vacuum Can Be Your Savior

Oh my god I cannot start without mentioning the hairy mess dogs can create. These furry little creatures shed so much and I used to think I had the worst hair fall, LOL. Anyways, I have found one way of keeping their fur at bay. That is, by vacuuming the place regularly. Brooming and mopping cannot help you here, a vacuum cleaner is what you need to get all their hair out of your way without draining all your energy in cleaning the place. I firmly believe that vacuuming is easy and effective in this situation. 

Clean Your Dog

You cannot expect a clean house when you have a dirty dog running, jumping, and sitting everywhere. Make sure your dog is clean most of the time. Pay attention to their fur and paws. Also, cut their nails on regular intervals so that they don’t end up scratching your items. Every time you take your dog out for a run, clean their paws before stepping in again. You can make this a routine. Clean them and remove your shoes as well so that you don’t end up bringing in the dirt, oil, or mud with your shoes inside your place. The easiest way of doing this is by placing a tub filled with water enough to merge their paws. Don’t forget to put a rug or doormat where they can dry their paws after cleaning with water. Otherwise, it will be a muddy, watery mess at your place.

Get Your Drain Pipes Cleaned

If you choose to wash your dog in a washroom, make sure you get your drain pipes cleaned regularly. There is a chance that the dog fur and hair can block the pipes and it can lead to several plumbing issues. While there are a number of home remedies suggested on the internet, it is important to understand that these remedies may or may not work in your favor but it sure can affect the quality and durability of the drainage pipes. So, it is better to keep in touch with a professional. You can easily contact an emergency plumber in Halesowen through this website.

Get Rid of Stains As Soon As Possible

Stains of urine or something that your dog spilled on the surfaces should be cleaned as soon as possible. This is an easier way of getting rid of stains. The longer the stain stays, the harder it gets to remove it completely. You can use heavy duty stain removers or make a liquid at home using vinegar and baking soda, whatever suits you but always remember you need to act as quickly as you can otherwise you may be left with a stain for life. 

Let the Mud Dry

While stains of dog urine and other stuff should be taken care of immediately, if it is a mud stain, it is suggested to let it dry. Wet mud may create more problems as it may be difficult to get rid of but once dry, it can be scraped off pretty easily. This can work on almost any surface, be it wood, carpet, leather, or tiles. However, make sure the stain is most definitely of mud and not anything else.

Cover Stuff You Can

It may not be practically possible to cover everything but you can still cover things that your dog most frequently uses such as your couch, bed, maybe your coffee table, you know better what are the furniture items your dog is fond of and you need to save. You can either cover it with an old sheet or invest in a waterproof blanket or cover so that you don’t have to stress about cleaning it.

Open Doors and Windows

This is one mistake I kept making for the longest time. It is important to keep your doors and windows open for some time so that the odour can leave your place and fresh air can enter. Room fresheners and scented candles won’t work as they are not designed to get rid of the odour. Sure, you can install other technology but nothing works as efficiently as natural air. The best part? It is cheap.

Final Words

There is no way I am going to say maintaining a clean home with a dog (or a cat) is going to get any easier. But these little tricks can help you maintain the hygiene level without putting a lot of effort in repeatedly cleaning everything all the time.

By Angelika

Angelika works in a cannabis industry and works for legalizing medical cannabis in more states. She loves playing with his dog, Coco. She also plays guitar and teach kids whenever he gets time.