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Self-Dosing or Talking to an Expert? Here’s What You Should Do

Cannabis is slowly gaining good mileage as more people are trusting the herb for their health. Honestly, it was not always the same. The road to legalization in the US was a tough one but we are glad that it finally happened with people coming out of the shadows of stigmatization. Even when it was not legal, people were sourcing it somehow. Cannabis delivers some promising effects that make it highly popular in the community. You probably know what we’re talking about. Everyone loves the high it offers. If you don’t have much experience with cannabis, you might be confused about following the right approach towards using it. Most people are tempted by the idea of self-dosing. Well, is it the right thing to do? Let’s find out!

Self-Dosing Might be Risky

Self-Dosing Might be Risky 

If you have friends that use cannabis regularly in the form of modern dry herb vaporizers or tinctures, you might be tempted by the idea of trying it. There is no harm in taking cannabis but you should note that cannabis affects each individual differently. So, if you are just planning to blindly follow your friends, you might be at the receiving end of some unpleasant effects. Cannabis is great for the human body provided that you take the right dose. If you do it in excess, you might feel intoxicated. That’s not something you would want. Apart from that, cannabis carries a vast spectrum. There are hundreds of strains and each one has a distinct property. If we had to talk about genetic makeup, it’s largely Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids. Now, if you are planning to use it during the day. Sativa is ideally suited for you as it produces energizing and uplifting effects. Contrarily, Indica is great for night time as it produces sedating effects on the body. If you are not aware of this basic difference, you might mess up with your experience. 

Well, it’s not just about the experience, cannabis is great at managing multiple health conditions. These include cancer, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and many more. So, if you had to manage appetite loss due to cancer medications, you would take a strain that can fuel your hunger pangs and help you eat more. Munchies are synonymous with using cannabis but not all strains induce instant hunger. Similarly, if you have anxiety, there is a particular bracket of strains that are suited to manage it. Well, if you decide to self-dose you might put yourself at risk. That’s because high THC strains can load you with more anxiety and leave you at the receiving end of unpleasant effects. So, that’s something you need to take care of. 

Try Talking to a Cannabis Doctor

Try Talking to a Cannabis Doctor

A cannabis doctor is someone who holds in-depth expertise and knowledge of cannabis. So, talking to a doctor might be a better idea if you are planning to use cannabis effectively for your health. 420 evaluations are particularly on the rise these days. There are clinics that accept telemedicine appointments. The trend is particularly on the rise amid coronavirus pandemic. So, it’s an option that you should definitely explore. People are increasingly trusting cannabis as a viable mode of therapy for their burning health conditions. In fact, it’s a much better and safer choice than prescription medicines. So, talking to an expert can educate you about the right approach towards using cannabis. 

It’s not just about that. Cannabis doctors use scientific research and analysis as tools to guide patients accurately about using cannabis for their health. If you self-dose you won’t be aware of this basic step. In addition, talking to a doctor can educate you about the full spectrum of benefits that cannabis offers. The doctor can screen your health and figure out which strain is suited to manage your health condition. Along with that, he or she can inform you about taking the right dose of cannabis. If you have any questions, you can ask the doctor and they answer your basic queries surrounding the herb

The Bottom Line

By now, you would surely know that self-dosing cannabis might be a bit risky when you compare it with taking advice from a cannabis doctor. We are not comparing it but just trying to help you make an effective choice. Many people who aim to use cannabis recreationally, might decide to use the herb on their own but they should be careful that they don’t overdo it. Cannabis carries great potential to induce a positive change in your life. So, it’s logical to use it the right way. The industry is in a phase of constant boom and is expected to rise further in the future. There is considerable research in work to outline more benefits it offers. So, if you are just getting started with cannabis, just make sure you do it the right way. It will surely bring an element of happiness in your life. 

By Angelika

Angelika works in a cannabis industry and works for legalizing medical cannabis in more states. She loves playing with his dog, Coco. She also plays guitar and teach kids whenever he gets time.