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5 Proven Health Benefits of Water

Water is an undeniable part of human life. It forms about 60 percent of the human body. In scorching summer, it becomes most important to drink plenty of water to prevent body heat stroke and dehydration. Make it a habit to drink ample amounts of water to keep yourself fit and healthy. I am going to discuss with you the proven benefits of staying hydrated in all seasons. Let us have a look at them.

It Helps in Removing Toxins From the Body

It Helps in Removing Toxins From the Body

Water acts as a natural detoxifier for our body. It removes the waste products from the body through urine, sweat, perspiration and bowel movements. It lubricates your joints and maintains body temperature. Water is the key nutrient for the proper functioning of the kidneys. Kidneys eliminate the toxins from the blood and then water carries them to the bladder for removal from the body. It also helps in proper digestion of food and prevents constipation in the body. 

Keep the Body Hydrated

Dehydration is important for the body in both the summer and winter. In summer, the body gets dehydrated due to excess sweating. Even a little activity in this season results in heavy sweating. This is due to the high temperature outside. Dehydration causes dizziness, lethargy, dry lips and mouth, and sunken eyes. So, it becomes necessary to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration in summer.

In winter, we usually drink very little water. This leads to dehydration because in winters, the body needs to work more to maintain the body temperature for regular functioning. Also under the heavy clothes, body seats continuously. So, drinking plenty of water in winter is also very important.

Make You Look Young 

Yes! The magical drink which is almost free can work amazingly for your skin. It reduces the signs of ageing such as fine lines, blemishes and skin loosening. It is not an overnight routine. Water works as a natural moisturiser for the body. You need to maintain a healthy habit of drinking water to get a glowing skin. 

In winter, the body does not feel thirsty. Eventually, we reduce the intake of water even to 1-2 glasses a day which is harmful for the body. It causes dehydration. Body sweats even in the winter under heavy clothes. As a result, the body needs plenty of water in winter also. So, drink at least 7-8 glasses of water in winters also to keep you look young and healthy.

It Helps in Weight Loss

It is very much true that water can aid in weight loss. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps in weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight. It increases the amount of calories you burn in a day. Burning more calories ultimately results in weight loss. Also, it is a calorie-free drink itself. It also stimulates the body metabolism that is important for proper digestion of food.

If you feel hungry at uneven timings, drinking a glass of water can better work for your body. It gives a sense of fulfilment to the body and helps in avoiding irregular eating. 

Increase Concentration

Dehydration is one of the major causes of lack of concentration.  A person feels more tired and sleepy when dehydrated. Water is the main component for cell building in the brain. The brain hormones and neurotransmitters are completely dependent on water for proper functioning. Water transport oxygen to the brain that helps in communication of the brain with other parts of the body.  

Therefore, a little dehydration causes lack of concentration and affects thinking skills. Also, the brain cannot resist or store water for it. So, drinking water regularly is important for the efficient working of the brain. 


Water is necessary for almost every function of the body. It has a lot of benefits for our skin. So, drinking plenty of water will surely help you in living a healthy life. Following a good diet along with plenty of water will double these benefits for you. Also, saving water is very important so that it can be used for a long time. So, if you have leaking pipes in the house, call an emergency plumber in Bedford for its maintenance.

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How to Keep Your House Clean With Pets

Everyone loves a clean house but maintaining that especially when you have a four legged friend can be a task. Sure, it is not impossible but the consistent and constant work it requires can make it a little overwhelming. If you live with a pet, I can already feel your struggle. The struggle to choose your pet over a clean house while simultaneously trying your hand best to maintain at least the basic cleanliness so that your house isn’t unhygienic.

I have been in your shoes and I can proudly say that after adopting a few cleaning and maintaining habits, I have finally managed to have a clean, decently smelling place even with my dogs.

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Why Yoga Should Be a Part of Your Daily Routine

It is needless to say that yoga is extremely beneficial for an individual’s overall well-being. Over the decades, yoga has become one of the most practiced forms of exercise all over the world. While some think it as some new fashion trend and a sign of new age mysticism, there are people who believe in the therapeutic properties of yoga. I am one of them.

Ever since I started yoga to manage my anxiety symptoms, I realized how powerful and astonishing this exercise is. And the effects were so relieving that I began to wonder why this wasn’t a part of my daily routine? 

And this persuaded me to know more about this practice. So, yoga is not a religion but is a form of ancient exercise that brings mind and body together. Yoga helps in balancing the three states of humans: physical, mental and spiritual, creating a feeling of oneness within. 

Importance of Yoga 

Yoga plays a vital role in the betterment of your life. Unlike other forms of exercises that only improve your physical health, practising yoga works on all the areas of your body which results in a balanced state of mind. It’s not just about bending, twisting or holding your breath, rather it makes you aware of your surroundings giving you a glimpse of reality as it is. People in America even use delta-8 gummies before their yoga session to get their energy intake to have a better performance. You can learn more about delta-8 gummies if you wish to take it as an energy supplement.  

Yoga focuses on bringing harmony between your mind, body and soul. The benefits are endless. Below are some of the common benefits of yoga which persuades people to try this practice-  

Benefits of Yoga 

Help Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression: 

A major percentage of yoga followers practice yoga to manage their stress, anxiety and depression. Different asanas and breathing exercises help to reduce stress levels, hence reducing the chance of anxiety and depression. 

Boosts Mood

Just half an hour of yoga session and you will notice a drastic change in your mood. 

Lowers Blood Pressure 

Practising yoga daily improves blood circulation in the body, resulting in lower blood pressure.

Improves Body Posture

There are different yoga asanas which are particularly for body balance improving the posture. 

Increases Body’s Strength

Different studies show that yoga can be a great way of strength training as you use your weight to increase your strength. 

Maintains Balance

Consistent yoga practice can help you improve your body balance. And this will allow you to have more control over your body. 

Builds Strong Immunity

Certain yoga postures such as Pranayama, Matsyasana, etc can help boost your immune system. 

Encourages Self-Discipline

Yoga has the power to improve self-disciple, self-control and our ability to tackle daily-life challenges. Different yoga postures teach us how to control the body, which ultimately brings self-discipline. 

Improves Sexual Life

People also report that yoga makes them feel relaxed and increases their strength, improving their sexual lives.

Calms You Down

Yoga calms you down. Releases tension from different areas of your body. 

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Coffee Tips To Make Your Life Brighter

If you are a fan of coffee, you probably are already aware of and must have already tried the varieties of coffee. From americano to cappuccino, latte, macchiato and even espresso shots. But what if I tell you there are still variations that can make your coffee experience the best and are a must try? Will you be interested in trying it out? Let’s see which one intrigues you the most.

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Watch out for these mistakes when moving houses

You have been planning and saving to buy the house of your dreams. Your hard work finally paid off and you bought a new house recently.

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 Now, that you looking forward to moving into the house, you might be feeling like you are on top of the world. We are also excited for you and we both know buying a house is never easy. So, congratulations on the accomplishment.

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why terpenes are the future of Eco-friendly plastics

Even today non-renewable sources contribute to more than 80% of the energy demands.

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Energy to propel our cars, running our businesses, even to switch a mere light bulb requires one or the other type of fossil fuels.

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An incredible guide to growing tomatoes in pots

Tomato is an edible fruit. Many people around the globe love to grow it at home.

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The reason is that some people love to be potential growers. Others do it as a leisure activity. But, in both cases, tomatoes are truly convincing. Watching them grow is actually a treat to your eyes. And, how can we forget that it is a big treat to your health as well.