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The Cannabis And Wine Guide

The topic of conversation in many countries for a few years now is the legalization of cannabis for medical or recreational use.  And the dialogue exchange around it has become more and more sophisticated. 

Cannabis or Marijuana or whatever you like calling it, has even started becoming an epicure product, just like wine, with which one can pair food to intensify the whole experience. Wine stewards have started looking at wine at wine in a new casual and relaxed way as cannabis lovers are embracing a more serious attitude of getting high. 

And this is why both the groups are working together to surpass the conventionalization rooted in the cultures since decades and also attract a broader audience. Most places where you can’t get cannbis, you can check up best delta-8 as it is supposed to have similar effects.  

It might seem that both the industries are in a sweet spot, that is already widespread as an alliance. But actually the things are different. When eagerly searched over the internet, it becomes obvious that this combination is not that much familiar as expected. 

So, if you actually want to be out of the ordinary by learning about the combination, then read on!

Where to Start From?

Just like wine, cannabis has an astonishing wide range of flavors and aromas that are produced by organic compounds called terpenes. Terpenes, oils that are produced in the same gland as THC and CBD, are the ones that give a strong scent to cannabis. The first and foremost step is to know your terpenes profile, while mixing cannabis and wine. 

You need to research a lot as there are more than 100 identified terpenes. It is always recommended to start with a perception that is going on in your mind. It’s just the same we do for wine and food. We first decide whether we want to mix and match or we are making a contrast for the counterbalance. 

Are you using a super spunk cannabis strain? Or is your cannabis citrus and nice? Or is your smoke light or heavy? And is the cannabis grown outdoor or indoor? Ask yourself these questions while trying the combination. And once you are done experimenting through some easy pairs, then use your imaginations to try more new combinations. And in case you want more guidance, then refer to this visual guide

How to Avoid The Fade-Out

The top-notch tip for avoiding the dangers of cross-fade is to cool your heels. You are not in any competition where you are showing who can smoke the most or drink fast. When you are handling two different things, you need to take care as the effects of both the things will be heightened. You must be aware of your consumption rate and should very well understand to have respect for your smoke as well as your drink. 

It is also recommendable to balance out the THC and ABV levels. Always remember that drinks that have high sugar levels such as sweet wines, are cold such as white wine and are bubbly such as champagne, all absorb quickly into the bloodstream. And that is why, you feel the effects also at a much faster rate. So, it is good to be prudent while drinking them in synchrony with cannabis. 

The only thing that matters is always use cannabis first, when pairing wine with cannabis. Because there are chances of getting spins, if you drink wine first. Also do a self-restrained smoke and drink and it is advisable not to drive after doing that together. 

Some Cannabis And Wine Pairings

White Wine With Sativa-dominant Strains

White wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay often have either sweet or dry characteristics and a fruity briskness that comes from topical or citrus fruits. These wines generally pair best with light weight citrusy sativas and hybrid dominant strains like Pineapple Express, Maui Waui, Mango Kush and Jack Herer as they all have the same limonene terpenes.

Bold Red Wines With Indica-dominant Strains  

If you are in a mood for melodious indica strain, then bold red wines like Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah are full-flavored wines that have the flavour of dark fruits like plum, blackcurrant and blackberry and sometimes cinnamon, clove and pepper. These wines make a good pair with indica-dominant strains like Blackberry Kush, Northern lights, Skywalker OG and Grand Daddy Purp. 

Skin-contact Whites And Frizzantes

Whenever in doubt, go for a skin-contact wine, also called orange wine or a frizzante. It gives a feeling of something fresh which goes down effortlessly in the cotton mouth. 

The Squirt And Ice Wine

A variant of dessert wine that is closely related with northern Europe, ice wine that exquisitely pairs with cannabis strains like the squirt, an absurdly aromatic strain that is super citrusy. This strain is hybrid that has the quality of uplifting you high. The passionate fruity notes of the squirt make it a perfect match with the sips of a sweet and light dessert wine. 

Sour Tangie And Chardonnay

Sour Tangie, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that goes well with chardonnay because the citrus notes from both the flower and the wine work incredibly well in conjunction.  

By Angelika

Angelika works in a cannabis industry and works for legalizing medical cannabis in more states. She loves playing with his dog, Coco. She also plays guitar and teach kids whenever he gets time.